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Epigenetics: A New Treatment For Autism
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Epigenetics: A New Treatment For Autism

A simple genetic test can help improve the symptoms of autism by showing whether:

  • inflammation is worsening symptoms, and how to manage this
  • probiotics are working or not
  • how to manage allergies
  • how to get more nutrients into the cells for healing, and
  • how to prepare the child for better therapy outcomes.

Autism is a symptom of sensory integration, which means the child has a problem translating what the senses are picking up.

98% of autistic children and adults have genetic abnormalities that keep the food the cells need from entering and nourishing the cells. This causes the inability of an autistic person to regulate their movements, attention and learning difficulties and inappropriate emotional responses.

An easy mouth swab can find out which inherited genes can weaken a child’s sensory nervous system and we have ways to nourish those weak links. Some genes that are not functioning properly can causes the symptoms of autism by:

  • Not letting nutrients into the cells (methylation)
  • Not getting waste materials out of cell (detoxification)
  • Not being about to turn off inflammation causing a constantly excited state


Epigenetic testing can identify if you have the genetic make-up that makes you or your child more likely to develop symptoms of autism from vaccines.

“Every child out of the womb should be tested.” says Mike Clark, Fellow of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and owner of www.seekingperfecthealth.com. “I’m not anti-vaccine, but there is a reason that 70% of parents of autistic children believe they changed after a vaccine.” Clark advocates checking their genetic profile first and if they are at risk, vaccinating when they are a little older, only one vaccine at a time and no “catch-up vaccines.”

What You Can Do Now

  1. Find out which genes are broken, missing or damaged with an epigenetic mouth swab test.
  2. Use your easy-to-understand report to create a plan to “put back in your body” what’s missing due to your genetic make-up
  3. Then you or our child’s therapy will be much more effective.

Don’t delay. It is easy, affordable and natural to use epigenetic testing to target how to improve therapy outcomes for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Change suffering to joy today.

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