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Are You Stressed Out? Here’s a New Way To Find Relief
Warrenton Wellness
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Are You Stressed Out? Here’s a New Way To Find Relief

To help with life’s unexpected events there is a new option for relaxation and stress relief in Warrenton, VA. The first Blu Room on the east coast boasts a new approach to relaxation that uses calming frequencies of light and music. The frequencies of the narrowband ultraviolet B light (UVB) combined with specifically selected music creates an atmosphere for you to relax in and separate yourself from the outside world.

A Blu Room does not treat physical conditions but supports your mind. As a result of relaxing and calming your mind your wellbeing is transmitted to your body. Improvements in physical health are a side effect of the mind getting well. The relaxation goes deep and relieves the user of the daily tension. Once relaxed the brain may release endorphins. Among other benefits, the secretion of endorphins induces a mild sense of euphoria and enhances the immune response. With higher endorphin levels, you feel less pain and are less affected by stress.

 Another perspective to describe the effects of the Blu Room is based on the principles of resonance in physics. If you visit a Blu Room carrying lower frequencies of fear, grief, sadness, depression, and illness it is possible for you to move to a higher frequency of happiness, joy, and love because when two frequencies are brought together in the same space, the lower will always rise to meet the higher. 

Each session is 20 minutes long and the narrowband UVB light, which has been used in the medical field for decades, is on for the first few minutes of the session. The soothing blue light and mirrored walls, ceiling and floor make an other worldly experience as the user slips into a relaxed state.

At a minimum, you receive a healthy dose of vitamin D. Today’s population is generally vitamin D deficient because of all the time we spent indoors. In your first session alone, your body is stimulated to produce up to 10,000 IUs of vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical to fighting sickness and helps to facilitate a normal immune system. There are other benefits to having adequate levels of vitamin D to include helping with warding off depression, regulating calcium absorption, and according to one study it can even decrease your chance of developing heart disease. Our modern life has put us in a place that is not always healthy but there are now options to change that. 

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