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Marti Giese, MA, MDiv
Energy Healing
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Energy Healing

Imagine yourself floating on a gentle current of air, tension gone and your mind at peace. This is often how recipients of energy healing feel. Though there are different techniques and traditions associated with this ancient form of vibrational healing, the power emanates from the same universal source.

Perhaps the most familiar form of energetic healing is Reiki. The Japanese word Reiki is a compound of “rei” and “ki”, which together mean universal life energy. A trained practitioner elicits the universal energy and channels it to his or her client who is usually either sitting or lying on a table fully clothed. Often shoes are removed to promote relaxation.

Sometimes the Reiki practitioner's hands lightly touch the recipient but often they do not; client preference is always honored. Either way the practitioner is sending healing energy to the recipient's etheric body, a contiguous energy field that surrounds the physical body. This energy field supplies nourishment to all levels of the human constitution physical, emotional, and mental. The etheric body distributes the universal energy to wherever the recipient needs healing.

Pronounced with two strong vowel sounds (ray, kee) the technique itself is gentle and soothing. Its aim is to address imbalances within us at whatever level they occur, even imbalances unseen and unknown to us except for the generalized pain, tension, or discomfort we feel.

It does not interfere with any other form of treatment one might receive. Instead it enhances and supports all other forms of therapy. In a sense Reiki jump starts the recipient's own vibrational healing system. One can administer Reiki energy to oneself as well. In fact, the original intention of Reiki was to heal oneself; later it was extended to others.

Whether your interest is in learning this three thousand year old healing technique for yourself, to heal others, or to eventually teach it to others, you will find both treatment and training at various healing and teaching institutions in your community, especially centers where other spiritual growth opportunities are offered.

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