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Sarah Shores
Summer Is a Time For Total Relaxation
Warrenton Wellness
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Summer Is a Time For Total Relaxation

Summer Is a Time For Total Relaxation

Remember that feeling as you soak up the warmth of the sun sitting by the pool or on the beach? When we totally relax, every piece of our body enjoys that relaxed state.

There are many traditional ways to get to that relaxed state without a day at the pool or beach such as yoga, meditation, and massage. They all provide wonderful relief both mentally and physically.

But have you ever tried to relax in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere called a Blu Room that uses Ultraviolet B (UVB) light, music and sound? The futuristic looking Blu Room is a patented technology that combines Narrowband UVB light, sound and music in an octagon-shaped room. This unique combination helps to insulate the user from the outside world making it easier to let go of the daily stressors…getting closer to that day at the beach.

What is unique about the Blu Room is in that calming atmosphere the vagus nerve can relax too. The vagus nerve is a major nerve that travels your whole body from the cerebellum to many major organs to include the heart, stomach, and intestines. It can impact the overall health and level of inflammation of the body.

The vagus nerve also acts as the link between the brain and the gut health. During times of stress the vagus nerve restricts as the body focuses on flight or fight response.

The UVB light in the Blu Room along with the music and sound of healing frequencies, can relax the vagus nerve like a day at the beach. The relaxing, or some would call it stimulating, of the vagus nerve can lead to better health. When the vagus nerve is functioning well and is not restricted in that flight or fight mode, it is called a high vagal tone index. The vagal tone index can be an indicator of general health.

The Blu Room atmosphere helps to bring the user’s mind to statis to experience tranquility and peace. When your mind has this sense of well-being, that well-being can be transmitted to your body to include the vagus nerve.

Any issue you walk in with will benefit from the mental rejuvenation and relaxation you experience coming out of your Blu Room session. The Blu Room doesn’t treat physical conditions, it supports your mind. There are Blu Rooms in 13 countries and on the east coast in Warrenton, VA.

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