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Candice McKinney, MA
Mental Health During the Holidays
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Mental Health During the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season gradually coming upon us, the holidays can bring about a mix of emotions for people, whether that’s a sense of excitement and joy or the creation of anxiety, stress, and dread. And if we’re sincere, it could genuinely be a mix of everything.

This holiday season has been much different from the previous years with the national health crisis of COVID-19, economic instability, and daily life struggles. We have had to juggle so much more and it will be essential to think about what is needed to cope during this holiday season now rather than wait until you are in the midst of it. By waiting, we don’t allow our emotions the opportunity to think rationally and clearly to create proper coping mechanisms. Practicing various coping techniques ahead of time before the challenges occur provides one with the tools needed if high-level emotions arise so one can handle them smoothly.

Here are some tools you can utilize to aid in coping with anxiety and depression during the holiday season:

  • Keep It Simple. Try writing in a journal each day to monitor any emotional changes.
  • Practice Breathing Techniques. Youtube is your best friend. They have a ton of breathing and relaxation videos to utilize.
  • Do Something Nice For Yourself. Self -care is an essential tool many often overlook, especially during the holidays. By caring for ourselves, we are better able to give to others. It is impossible to give from an empty cup.
  • Enjoy the Holidays. Yes, it’s a little different than what we’ve all hoped for but that allows us the opportunity to be creative and build new, lasting memories.
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