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Sherry Dmytrewycz, SEA, SRT
Stop Repeating the Negative
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Stop Repeating the Negative

What happens when you retell a negative story? Repeating negative news stories can lead people to think that the world is a horrible place. It can also perpetuate the mistaken thought that many hold about the low moral values of those in this world. Spreading negative news encourages judgment and negative attitudes towards others when you hear or read about the inhumanity some may be showing to others. You begin to feel helpless to create a better world.

Thoughts create your reality, thus it is important to hold positive thoughts about the world’s inhabitants. One must step back from creating situations in which negative judgment of others are made or encouraged. Stories that arouse passionate negative feelings about others do not create positive thinking people.

In the interest of a better world, it is time to reorder your priorities. How could you affect the negative news stories if you and others changed news sharing habits? How much more trusting of others would the world become? How much more progress could we make towards world peace? Can we get more “good news” daily instead of so many of the gut wrenching headlines that we are offered now? Would we all feel better physically and emotionally without losing energy to upsetting tales?

You might consider changing your news habits. You might avoid reading or listening to the news as much as possible. Above all, avoid retelling those sensational and upsetting tales that cause someone to think ill of others.

It takes everyone working together for the betterment of the world. Will you stop repeating negative stories?

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