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David Trautmann, LCSW
The Adventure Of Coming To Know One’s Self
New Spirit Therapy

The Adventure Of Coming To Know One’s Self

It’s been said that to know oneself is to know God. That’s because every human being has powers that are supernatural and potentialities that are divine. These are the capacities and abilities that enable us to make discoveries, find answers, solve problems, overcome difficulties, rise above ourselves and our circumstances, conquer and harness nature and natural processes, and create and accomplish the wonderful things and solve the difficult problems that only human beings can do. And it’s by means of these capacities that we can overcome grief and sorrow, anxiety and worry, personal and relationship problems, habits and addictions, frustration, stress and failure, and all sorts of mental and emotional problems, if we only knew and developed these capabilities and potentialities and used them for our benefit and for the good of others. And that’s what counseling and psychotherapy is designed to help us do.

Did you know that? These, our uniquely human abilities – our mental and emotional powers; our capacity for discovery, insight and understanding, to care and to love; our minds, hearts and will – these are all spiritual, super-natural abilities because they are meta-physical (above nature) and non-material, and exist independent of (though responsive to) the condition of our bodies and material conditions and circumstances. And it is through awareness of and proper use of these abilities that we find happiness and can meet and rise above the challenges that we encounter in life. And it is the purpose and function of counseling and psychotherapy to help us to learn how to do this. Isn’t that wonderful?

Personal counseling and psychological therapy is a form of personalized education that helps people to understand themselves and others emotionally to get thoughts and feelings working together more productively to overcome anxieties and fear, lift depression, overcome addictions and harmful, self-defeating habits, improve behavior and relationships, find happiness and satisfaction, and achieve greater success in life. And it is quite effective in doing this through collaboration of the client with the treatment provider. Effective psychotherapy is designed to bring out the best in us by recognizing and supporting and developing our natural, in-born propensities and talents, validating our truth, understanding reality and distinguishing between what’s false and useless worry, guilt, shame, blame and self-defeating behavior. This develops our “better angels”, bringing us closer to all that is divine. Is that not exciting?

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