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Shelby L. Brownlee, MA, LPC
When Is the Right Time To Get Counseling?
Potomac Psychological Center, LLC

When Is the Right Time To Get Counseling?

Sometimes clients say that they have been debating for a long while whether or not to seek mental health counseling. They might be feeling uncertain if the problem they face is really big enough. Or they are hoping it will just go away magically.

Maybe it's been really hard to even face that a true problem exists. Whatever the case, here are some ideas to consider as to whether you, your family, or friends can benefit from seeking help from a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

Major or minor life transitions or changes can pose many questions in a person's mind. How will I cope with my new status? Even happy stress events such as new job, engagement, marriage, the birth of a child all can bring about bewildering new feelings and interactions that counseling very possibly can help you negotiate much more successfully. Sometimes a caring mental health professional may ask a question to spur new thinking in a healthy direction that the client never considered yet.

Another very important time to seek counseling is when there are significant behavioral changes happening for you or someone you know, and perhaps the underlying reasons are not clear – a puzzling situation in which discovery needs to occur.

Or perhaps the opposite is seen; reasons for the behavior changes are clear, but coping with them is very challenging or feels unmanageable clients may come in and say they “feel out of control” with some issue in their life. Other times clients may be trying to make a big decision, and they want outside guidance or an objective opinion.

At times, people are having increased symptoms of depression or anxiety or may feel overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts/compulsive behaviors, and they know a professional counselor, social worker or psychologist is needed for therapy, and possibly medication from a doctor.

Almost everyone can admit to workplace stress or conflicts; seek help via an Employee Assistance program (EAP) if your company offers that benefit, or see a therapist in the community. Grief/loss issues of every type imaginable are key factors that bring people to therapy as well. Our nation recently noted the anniversary again of the September 11th attacks on America, so there can be a vast sense of collective grief, as well as the very personal grief of families who were directly impacted by those events.

Please do not hesitate to seek mental health care, for whatever problem you are facing we all deserve healthier and happier lives.

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