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The “Yin-Yang Method” For Knee Pain Relief
Pain and Arthritis Center, PC
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The “Yin-Yang Method” For Knee Pain Relief

In case you aren’t familiar, the idea of yin and yang comes from China, and describes how seemingly opposite forces can actually complement one another.

This is exactly the case with the “Yin-Yang Method,” which is a simple, but highly effective strategy for combating knee pain.

Here’s how this method can work for you:

First, take a moment to check-in on your knees. Are they painful right now? Are they swollen, or no? Armed with this information, you can begin to use the “Yin-Yang Method.

If your knees are swollen, as in the case of an arthritis pain flare-up, you’re going to apply cold packs, or a bag of ice to your knee (or both knees). Be sure to place a thin towel between your knee and the ice pack to keep it off your bare skin.

The cold will help reduce both the swelling and your pain simultaneously. As your knees feel better, you should be able to move better.

Don’t ice your knees any longer than 30 minutes a session, and space your sessions 1-3 hours apart.

Now, you can think of icing as the “yin” in this highly effective method. And with that in mind, let’s now look at the “yang.”

The opposing, yet complementary force of ice is heat. So that’s what you’ll be using in this next part of the method.

If your knees are not swelling, you should be using heat on them – via heat packs, or even hot damp towels. (Remember, if your knees feel swollen, don’t use heat, use the ice.)

Heat is vital because it relaxes your muscles, helps lubricate joints, and helps prevent stiffness.

In fact, a good strategy is to use heat in the morning to help boost your mobility and actually prevent swelling throughout the day.

Test the hot pack’s temperature before applying it to your knee to ensure you don’t accidentally burn yourself.

Limit your heat sessions to 30 minutes or less, and again, space them 1-3 hours apart for best results.

So there you have it, the “Yin-Yang” method for reducing knee pain. It’s simple, yet ultra effective.

Try it today and see how it works for you.

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