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Frank Gresham, CMTPT
Vaginal Numbness and Testicular Pain "Why" Tight Shortened Muscles Can Refer Pain To This Area
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Vaginal Numbness and Testicular Pain "Why" Tight Shortened Muscles Can Refer Pain To This Area

Believe it or not I have had quite a few patients come in and complain of back pain and other assorted pains and then sheepishly tell me they hurt “down there”.

Men will usually complain of testicular pain that just won't go away. Ladies will say that it's strange but they are experiencing vaginal numbness. I then explain tothem that it's good if they see their doctor first to rule out anything serious.

Most have seen their doctors and nothing serious was found wrong. Since they didn't find anything wrong with them I then tell them that it can be coming from your abdominal muscles. I then show them the pain pattern that goes down into the abdomenand into the groin area. “That's it!” is what I typically hear.

When we sleep in a fetal position or sit all day long at our jobs these muscles can tighten up and can refer pain to those areas. I had this pain pattern myself years ago and it did give me quite a scare because it wasn't something that you feel everyday in your life.

The problem was treated with trigger point therapy and the discomfort was gone in a matter of days. It was tight shortened muscles that were referring the pain to that area. So, what can cause that type of pain to appear in our bodies?

Sleep postures are very important when dealing with any kind of pain as well as hip height (one leg shorter than the other) as well as Morton's toe.

Morton's toe is a big perpetuating factor for this kind of pain. Make sure that you don't sit at your desk all day without getting up every 30 or 40 minutes. Your abs and other muscles will stay in a tight closed position from sitting. Get up and move around often. If you can walk down the hall to ask a question instead of using the phone, do that. Take the stairs and stand a bit as opposed to sitting all the time.

I had a patient years ago that came to the US just for thisparticular pain problem. Correcting his sleep postures, hip height as well as Morton's toe made a noticeable a difference onthe first day of treatment. Once we correct the “why” of our pains, the body usually responds very quickly to being used properly.

The question to ask is always “why” do we hurt here or there? Finding your “why” helps get you back to where you want to be.

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