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For People With Chronic Heel Pain: A New Year’s Resolution
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For People With Chronic Heel Pain: A New Year’s Resolution

Heel pain is one of the most common complaints heard at the podiatrist office. Heel pain can be caused by myriad of things such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles insertional tendinitis, among others. Usually the doctor will prescribe a host of conservative treatments such as a stretching regimen, night splint, icing, rest, orthotics and oral anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone injection.
However, when the pain keeps recurring over time despite adherence to these and other various treatments it may be time to re-evaluate for a chronic injury. Amniotic membrane therapy is an alternative for patients that have had little to no success with conservative treatment, have reached their limit of steroid injections or want to avoid them altogether.
The therapy consists of an injection to the injury site itself. The injectable is donated amniotic membrane tissue containing natural growth factors produced by our bodies that signal cells to the site of injury. These growth factors reduce inflammation, enhance soft tissue healing and regenerate the damaged tissue. Patients usually experience some temporary soreness at the injection site following the procedure and are put on a rehabilitation schedule for optimal recovery.
So, whether you’re a runner wanting to get back on the trail or someone looking for an alternative to steroid injections or other treatments have proved unsuccessful, amniotic membrane therapy may be right for you.

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