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Frank Gresham, CMTPT
As We Think, So Shall We Be
The Chronic Pain Center
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As We Think, So Shall We Be

Did you know that your muscles have memory? If I told you to show me a golf swing (if that's your sport) or how you'd throw softball, could you do it? Sure. Now could you do it with your eyes closed? Yes, because your muscles will remember how to do it. Our bodies are filled with memories in our muscles as well as our brains.

Sometimes a patient can sit there in my office and relive a terrible car accident from years ago, remembering the pain and all the discomfort that went along with that accident. They can start to feel some of the pain again because they are reliving the past. So, just as your muscles have memories that can affect your pain so can the way we think.

I have to tell my patients to let go of that past experience and let's focus on the present. We are no longer going to let that accident affect our thinking and the way we live.

How about an argument with someone? You can still think back about how they treated you and it can come right to the surface and start to get you angry, or anxious again. Now, positive thinking will go a long way for patients helping themselves to get better. Our bodies listen to what we tell them.

Have you ever put on your favorite shirt or blouse and you feel like a million bucks? I have, and people can tell when you are having a great day because it shows in your whole demeanor. On the other hand, have you worn something sometime and you didn't like it as much as you thought you would but you still went out in it? You didn't feel as confident about yourself, did you?

There are patients who have been in pain for many years and all they remember is the pain. Once they find “why” they are in pain and make the necessary corrections they are in the right place. They know they can get better because they have to focus on the present (getting better) and not the past.

This is why we all make New Years resolutions because we want to start anew. I would highly suggest this for anyone. Everyday you should give thanks for what you have not what you don't have.

We are blessed in so many ways. Count your blessings and see if your whole mind, body and soul don't start to respond. It might take some practice but try it for a week or two, then it'll become a positive habit that can have life long benefits.

Give it a try. It's not “what do you have to lose” by trying it, but “what do you have to gain?” More than you know, I bet.

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