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Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD
Botox For Your Bladder Effectively Calm Your “Emotional” Bladder
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Botox For Your Bladder Effectively Calm Your “Emotional” Bladder

Do you have an “emotional” bladder? There is help.

Botox® (botulinum toxin) is a powerful drug that acts to temporarily paralyze muscles when it is locally injected. Botox is known for its popular use in cosmetics, but it actually has far reaching medical applications. It is commonly used for many conditions, including migraines, muscle spasticity, and recently for treatment of urinary leakage and bothersome urinary urgency.

Botox is a well-tolerated treatment.  Urologists inject the medication directly under direct visualization into the bladder muscles at multiple points.  Patients who suffer from overactive bladder, neurological conditions that affect the bladder, benefit from its calming effects on the angry bladder muscles.

Many well-equipped practices inject it in the office setting. This treatment can last for six to eight months and then is can be re-injected. There is no limitation to the duration of using this type of therapy.

First the bladder is flushed with a local anesthesia, via a catheter, which is allowed to thoroughly numb the bladder. Then a scope is passed up the urethra (urine channel) into the bladder. A small needle is placed through the scope and several injections are made into the bladder designed to spread Botox throughout the muscles of the bladder.

Most patients tolerate this procedure well.  Botox begins to work in about one week, but the full effect may take up to two weeks.   The benefits are felt for up to six months.  Many insurances, including Medicare, cover the treatment. Other Treatment options for bladder urgency and urgency leakage include: fluid management, biofeedback, avoid excess caffeine and alcohol, oral medications, and rarely nerve stimulator implants.

What are the side effects?  Very few patients may have temporary urinary retention, which is typically eliminated if the right patient is chosen for the treatment.   Systemic effects have been reported but extremely rare.

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