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Frank Gresham, CMTPT
Do You Need a Lift Today?
The Chronic Pain Center
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Do You Need a Lift Today?

Have you bought some new pants/slacks and had them tailored? You might of had the tailor tell you that one pant leg was longer than the other and they'd have to shorten it up. Usually that indicates that one hip is higher than the other and is causing an imbalance in your body.

Do you have a tendency to kick out one leg as your standing for a couple of minutes? Some kick out their left leg because their right leg is just a bit shorter. This is your body's way of aligning the hips your body doesn't want to stand at an angle or be uneven.

The brain is telling the eyes that it wants the eyes level, so kick out that leg to make the hips even and that makes the spine straight and keeps your eyes level. So why is that such a big deal? Why write an article about it? Good question.

When you suffer with pain and chronic pain, sometimes it's as simple as leveling out the body to start to function correctly. It's kind of like your car. If it pulls to the right and vibrates it means it needs to be aligned properly and it will start to drive better.

Just like the car, you need to have that alignment so you can function properly. Most folks do have a hip height issue who also have chronic pain; back pain, shoulder pain too. There have been some great results after we align the body properly. It responds very well when you find the “why” of the pain that you're having. If you've ever been told that one leg is shorter than the other, and you are also experiencing some kind of pain or irritation, it could be as simple as a heel lift.

Another way to tell if you have a leg length discrepancy is if you notice that one shoulder is higher than the other (when you stand and put your feet together). These are little signs the body can show you that something has to be addressed to fix a problem.

Some folks can have a higher shoulder or longer leg discrepancy and never have pain. It's not until you have that bad fall or car accident that you have to address the height issues. Once you have some trauma to the body, the body says it's time to fix the hip height issue. Your body can adapt your whole life to little differences in your structure until it over loads.

So, who do you know that needs a lift today? Do you?

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