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Frank Gresham, CMTPT
Does Your Pain Look Like This?
The Chronic Pain Center
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Does Your Pain Look Like This?

The picture seen here shows a pain pattern that you can have in the front of your body as well as in the back of your upper back. It can be kind of scary when you get this pain pattern. From the picture you can see how the pain can go down the arms into the fingers as well as into the chest.

A lot of patients have come in to their therapist's office with the shoulder hurting back by the shoulder blade, confused as to what is causing the pain. Generally, when the therapist shows the patients this picture, they better understand where the pain is coming from, aiding in discovering ways to alleviate this pain.

If you have your head too far forward while sitting at the computer or driving, this can cause these pain patterns that you see. Also, your sleep position is very important with this pain pattern. Don't sleep in the fetal position with your head forward. You'll shorten up these muscles and can start to get this referred pain. Keep in mind; your muscles remember where you put them.

So, if you sleep with your head tucked down and your hands up by your head, then these muscles can eventually get shortened because they will remember to stay that way. You kept them that way for eight hours so they will want to go back to that position when you get in bed again. It's up to you to tell your body what to do when it comes to proper positions to eliminate pain. Once you take away what's perpetuating your pain/trigger points, then the body will respond in a good way.

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