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Khalid McLeod, MS, NASM, ACE
Health and Natural Beauty
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Health and Natural Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, ‘Treat your body like a temple’, and ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ are all very popular clichés that we have heard.   You may disagree with the last one, but the other two, as mundane as it may seem, hold true value in their meaning.

It is important to understand that beauty, in its truest form, needs to be defined and discussed from the inside out.  What you consume and digest for the inside of your body is just as important as what you engineer for the outside of your body.

Beauty is more complex than just skin deep. As trainers, we are constantly preaching to our clients that “You are what you eat”. Your physical appearance will be more affected by what you do once you leave the workout.

The most important nutrient of all is water. Consumption of water has many important qualities as it relates to purification of the cells and transportation of vital nutrients to all your body parts. In addition, water aids in the recovery process, as it improves the overall hydration of the cells so the body can look and feel radiant.

Continuation on this compendium that beauty should be defined from the inside out, we have to look further into the nutritional needs and values that our body should consume daily. It is imperative to feed our palate with plenty of water rich and nutrient dense foods such as fruits and veggies throughout the day so our cells can continually stay hydrated.

As one faces the daily challenges of free radicals that damage our cellular make-up, in particular, when we exercise and perform physical activity, we have to make sure we eat antioxidant-rich food and be conscious of nutritional values rather than caloric values alone.

Finally, it is important to cleanse the skin immediately after a workout session. Too many times after a session, clients run out to perform daily errands, tasks, or simply return to work without properly cleansing the skin.

If this is true, and time is of the essence where a quick shower is unrealistic, make sure you have a handy supply of facial and body wipes to assist with the external sweat generated from the workout that clogs your pores.   Your body will thank you for it, and that radiant smile will shine through and through.

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