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Khalid McLeod, MS, NASM, ACE
Holiday Health Tips
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Holiday Health Tips

New Year’s is approaching and everyone is discussing his or her resolutions. Indeed, New Year’s resolutions are very important, but what are you doing to prepare your body during the holidays, so you can start off the new year on a healthier note; an even stronger rendition of your own inner-self?
According to the New York Times, the average westerner during the holidays (November 1 to January 1) does not gain as much weight (+1-2 lbs.) over this time period, contrary to what is perceived in the media.
However, studies have shown that immune systems become weakened due to: overloaded schedules, reduced sleep, increased alcohol intake, poor nutritional habits, dehydration, and possibly inclement weather. All of these variables play a role in complicating your daily routine based on what your body experiences throughout the year.
Now for the good news – let’s say you fall outside of what the reported weight gain is, and you are part of the minority that has indeed gained 5-10 lbs. during this period. What can you do about it?
It’s important to enjoy the holidays with family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, associates, and quite possibly strangers, but we want you to start the new year off in a positive direction, by giving you suggestions that are useful.
Although New Year’s typically brings out a grandiose list of objectives and unfortunately unfulfilled prophecies, it’s important to keep your list specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and time-efficient. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, here are some quick tips that we found interesting, along with some of KAMLife’s ad lib to help you along the way.
1. Cook more at home. Hopefully you continue in the holiday spirit and cook more of your meals especially if you are looking to ward off any further weight gain.
2. Try to eat something green in all of your meals, including breakfast, so stay away from the high starchy cereals.
3. Eliminate eggnog, sugary drinks, and most importantly sodas. They pack on calories fast.
4. Whether you get a trainer or not, find a reliable workout partner that has a similar schedule as yours.
5. Change your workout routine. A foreign stimulus to the body works wonders in a short amount of time.
Start this new year off strong; remembering to keep your goals realistic and concise is imperative for your future success.

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