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Weight Loss: Tap Into Your Mind-Body Connection
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Weight Loss: Tap Into Your Mind-Body Connection

How many times have we said, “I will start my new diet on Monday? “I will be ready, eat perfect, no sugar, no treats. Or I will do the latest fast and lose 15 pounds in one month. I will only have smoothies, eat lots of greens to make the weight go away faster.” 

How has that been working for you? The commercials on TV and social media continually tell you their plan is best and only costs little money. The science is out – there are some programs that work better than others, but which one is best for you? Following an influencer on social media may not be the best option because each person must find what work works for them. If you are vegan or whole food plant based, will certain diets work for you when they do not have dairy free, organic options?

Find your way to losing weight by strengthening your mindset using the tool of mindfulness to help you. While you are exercising your body, learn how to exercise your mind – this may give you the fortitude to say no to that cake when you are not hungry. Behavior modification is a major portion of the weight management cycle that is often not addressed. 

If you need help on how and which lifestyle plan may be best for you a doctor’s office can help you guide you in the right direction. Look for a program that does not prescribe diet pills; look for one that helps you find natural, safe methods to be your best. A mindful eating program should include educational instruction, mindfulness demonstration, coaching, supplement recommendations, and education to help improve sleep hygiene.

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