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Spravato: New Treatment For Depression

Although we have come far in our understanding of the brain, much still remains unknown. Through research and development, there have been significant strides in… Continue Reading

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder

The National Institute of Mental Health reports millions of American adults may suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), with many not knowing they have the… Continue Reading

The Adventure Of Coming To Know One’s Self

It’s been said that to know oneself is to know God. That’s because every human being has powers that are supernatural and potentialities that are… Continue Reading

Employment and the Mentally Ill

Employment, for most of us, has a practical and symbolic significance. Work is a mechanism used to provide basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing…. Continue Reading

Set Realistic Mental Health Goals For the New Year

As we embark on a new year, the perfect opportunity presents itself to make resolutions geared towards better physical, financial, and emotional health. We must… Continue Reading

Managing Mental Health During a Crisis

This year we have all experienced uncertain and unprecedented times with the COVID-19 global pandemic. The pandemic has brought with it an increase in symptoms… Continue Reading

Activities To Help You Connect During COVID-19 Isolation

Many people are struggling with isolation and boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given these circumstances, some people may fall into symptoms of loneliness and depression…. Continue Reading

Telehealth/Online: An alternative to office or home visitation – House Calls, LLC

Google Duo, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype™, Phone only, and many other platforms are possibilities for virtual/online appointments. The House Calls team of diverse specialists provides confidential,… Continue Reading

Level Up In Your Relationships This Holiday Season

Being mindful is about being able to center and focus on the present. In a time when uncertainty rules the day, the best approach is… Continue Reading

Mental Health During the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season gradually coming upon us, the holidays can bring about a mix of emotions for people, whether… Continue Reading

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