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Help For Getting Help

Few things in life are more stressful than realizing you need to find mental health-related services for a loved one. First comes the emotional toll… Continue Reading

From the Playground To the Boardroom: The Pervasive Destruction Of Workplace Bullying

One in 10 professionals reported experiencing bullying in the workplace, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Similar to childhood bullying, workplace bullying is hostile and… Continue Reading

Our Mental Maps Need Constant Updating

Scientists in many different disciplines have studied decision-making behaviors in humans. We all have a mental map representing all the bits of information we have… Continue Reading

Epigenetics: The Cause Of Your Anxiety

Your anxiety and depression could be genetically passed to you. Do either of your parents self-medicate with alcohol or drugs? Does it seem like your… Continue Reading

Healthy Mind = Healthy Heart

It may sound cliché but a healthy mind equals a healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle. The trials and tribulations of daily life often enhance… Continue Reading

The Healing Powers of Positivity

Looking on the bright side of life really is a very positive attribute. Can you imagine why? Optimists have less chance of being afflicted with… Continue Reading

The Role PTSD Can Play In Grief

Grief is not pathological, an illness, or problem to be solved. We grieve because we love. And grief can certainly be disorientating and traumatic. Loss… Continue Reading

Happy New Year: Bring It On!

20/20 – that’s considered perfect vision. Is that 20/20 vision in the eyes, thoughts and/or actions? 2020…what do you see? How perfect is your vision?… Continue Reading

The 411 On Your Medication History

You have an upcoming appointment with your new psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. You are hoping to be placed on good medication regimen to help… Continue Reading

Getting Inspired For the New Year

It is interesting how words can inspire us. Choosing a word to start your vision board may be a helpful way for you to start…. Continue Reading

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