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Take Control Of Your Life: Empower Your Mind and Your Emotions

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Memories roll around in our minds as we lay in bed, spend time with loved ones, walk down a busy street, or simply transition into the next stage of life. Much like rainbows, memories develop from a full spectrum of colorful emotions.

For some this rainbow shows vibrant, colorful, joyous memories filled with warm feelings and emotions. However, for others, the rainbow of memories comes after a difficult emotional storm. Instead of being a sign of peace and comfort of resolve, the spectrum of memories expresses symptoms of more deeply rooted problems. The memories are surrounded by intense emotions such as anguish, turmoil, sadness, and pain, which come from a history of stories that are locked deep within.

A woman shares that her mind is racing as she tries to fall asleep. A father shares that he is concerned that his son’s poor decisions are going to lead to something more reckless in the future. A college student ruminates the entire class that she is being stared at because she doesn’t look normal.

These are illustrations of thoughts of worries, anxieties, and concerns. If not controlled, these thoughts can envelop someone so they can become burdened and imprisoned within their own mind, which leads to feelings of sadness, loneliness, isolation, and helplessness.

The prison bars of the mind can seem unbreakable and can lead to feelings of hopelessness. The key to this prison is empowerment by taking control of the mind, thoughts, and ultimately the reaction to the full spectrum of emotions. Those feeling overwhelmed by life may seek out the help of others, such as therapists, to assist them to get over a difficult bridge in order to move on.

Emotional empowerment begins with a small glimmer of hope and a desire for change, which slowly develops into a self-assured client seeking out assistance by feeling supported by his or her therapist as they begin to explore the memories from within.

As these roles develop and grow therapeutically, trust begins to develop. The client will reach out to others within their community or family by showing inward healing ultimately expressing their ability to challenge their negative inward emotions.

As the client makes positive, proactive decisions, a greater sense of empowerment develops. The spectrum of emotions that was hidden inside begins to show a bright colorful rainbow of emotion on the outside. As this happens, it will eventually begin to show signs of peace and comfort in the client’s relationships, work, families, and ultimately in the inner peace of their own minds.

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