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Rejuve Health & MediSpa – Now offering Telemedicine

By David Akinpelu, MD

Continue Reading

Considering Knee Replacement Surgery?

By Brian Paris, DC

Be Sure To Do Your Research Before Going Under the Knife Part 1 Before any surgery you need multiple opinions. By consulting multiple sources you ... Continue Reading

Common Myths About Neck Lift Surgery

By Sheilah Lynch, MD

Myth #1: You Can Only Improve The Neck With A Facelift There are several options to enhance the appearance of your neck and improve the ... Continue Reading

Braces Consultation: Assessment and Treatment

By Jacqueline Brown Bryant, DDS, MS, PC

Do you have 60 minutes or less to do something that doesn’t cost you anything but can change your life forever? That’s all the time ... Continue Reading

Causes Of Hair Loss: Part Two

By John Kiely, MD

Part Two Last month’s article discussed male/female pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia. This is the leading cause of baldness in the vast majority of cases. ... Continue Reading

It Is Your Body, Take Care of It

By Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC

It is your body, take care of it. Your body does many things without you constantly telling it to do so. Many of these commands ... Continue Reading

Coping With Nasal Allergies

By Kensington Pharmacy

Do you have a nasal allergy? Nasal allergies cause the lining of your nose to become swollen and inflamed. Do you have: • A runny ... Continue Reading

Research Links Gum Disease To Heart Attack

By Ben Manesh, DDS

What should I be concerned about? Researchers are finding possible links between periodontal infections and other diseases throughout the body. Studies suggest that there may ... Continue Reading

Five Secrets For the Best Botox

By Hema Sundaram, MD

Botox has now overtaken Viagra to become the most publicly recognized medical treatment. Now there are also three new treatments that work in the same ... Continue Reading

Sleep Apnea: How Dentists Can Help Dentists Can Play a Critical Role In the Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Of Sleep Apnea

By Ekaterina Tomenko, DDS

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a chronic condition in which your muscles relax during sleep and your soft tissue collapses and blocks your airway. As ... Continue Reading
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