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Type 2 Diabetes What It Is, What Causes It, and What To Do

By Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC

Part 2 Although Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) was thought to involve genetic components, it is a becoming clear that, if genes are involved, it is ... Continue Reading

Research Links Gum Disease To Heart Attack

By Ben Manesh DDS and Ali R. Ziglari DDS, DDS

What should I be concerned about? Researchers are finding possible links between periodontal infections and other diseases throughout the body. Studies suggest that there may ... Continue Reading

Over-the-Counter Medicines and Drug Interactions

By Kensington Pharmacy

Every day, millions of Americans use over-the-counter medicines for relief from headache or arthritis pain, coughs and colds, flu, and upset stomach. These over-the-counter medicines ... Continue Reading

Stress Reduction – At Your Dental Office

By Alice Charland Bassford, DMD, MAGD

Stress Reduction/Relaxation Sessions May Help You Relax This Spring Excess stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people – who among us doesn’t feel ... Continue Reading

Women’s Pelvic Health

By Briana Walton, MD

Happy Women’s History Month and as we celebrate HIStory do not forget about HERstory. Many patients, and for that matter providers, have not heard of ... Continue Reading

Look Your Best: New Lasers and the Latest No-Downtime Procedures

By Hema Sundaram, MD

How do you view midlife? If you’re like most members of this generation, you probably have every expectation that the second half of your life ... Continue Reading

Sleep Apnea: How Dentists Can Help

By Ekaterina Tomenko, DDS

Dentists Can Play a Critical Role In the Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Of Sleep Apnea Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a chronic condition in which ... Continue Reading

What Is a Recovery Coach?

By Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP

When someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol a professional coming to the home can be the key to preventing relapse. The advantage is that ... Continue Reading

Do You Like Your Smile?

By Paige Gaznavi, DDS

It’s 2020 and it has never been a better time to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve and want. Due to advances in dental ... Continue Reading

Orthodontic Treatment For All Ages

By Jacqueline Brown Bryant, DDS, MS, PC

Do you realize orthodontics is just not for teenagers anymore? Children, teens, and adults can benefit from Orthodontics or the new term for braces treatment, ... Continue Reading
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