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Dr. Google Is Here – Health Advice From Your Maryland and Northern Virginia Doctors

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“Dr. Google, I need health advice!” All of us have done it – turned to Google when we’re experiencing something that’s not quite right with our health. Got a mysterious pain in your big toe? A weird tingle in your leg? A cough that won’t go away?

Dr. Google to the rescue! Right? Maybe not.

Googling your symptoms and visiting the top few search results pages is risky at best, and could even be dangerous if you stumble upon a site with dubious health advice. Though Google is good at ranking results and listing quality sources at the top, this is not always the case.

The good news is that Dr. Google is now here on yourhealthmagazine.net with quality medical advice from your top-rated Maryland and Northern Virginia doctors. This site features thousands of health articles directly from doctors in your area, with information ranging from basic health knowledge, such as articles on how to lower your blood pressure, and how to get rid of hiccups, to more advanced topics, like what causes kidney stones, what is HPV, how many calories should I eat per day, what is keto, and more.

Here are a few articles highlighting some of the most common health questions asked of Dr. Google:

Still have questions for Dr. Google? Our site has a complete library of thousands of health articles covering important health topics to help you and your family live better. We have more health articles than any other site to help you learn about your Maryland and Northern Virginia doctors, practitioners and health services.

Article topics that may be of interest to you:

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