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Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP

House Calls Total Wellness

P.O. Box 776
Olney, MD 20830

Beth Albaneze, owner of House Calls Total Wellness, and her diverse team provide a unique IN-HOME visit approach to life transitions/mental health related needs.

House Calls Total Wellness is an award-winning program in the metro Maryland, DC area including nationwide online resources that arranges a variety of specialized behavioral health services designed for children to senior citizens starting in the comfort of one’s home or location that the client chooses. The aim of House Calls is to provide a one-stop shop for whatever mental health-related service a client may need.

Whether your child has severe anxiety, a parent is moving to a senior facility or needing to remain safe with supports or your family member has a relative that is isolated for a variety of reasons, House Calls can help. Our team of specialists provide counseling and/or coaching, act as an advocate on your behalf when preparing for school accommodations and acquiring resources, the team creates specific recreation/socialization objectives and help individuals with organization challenges to name a few. Clients don’t have to travel to a bunch of locations, identify and enroll in a variety of unrelated programs, and wonder how to pay for them. Whatever the need, House Calls’ team of professionals can help clients navigate these complex, emotional paths with fees negotiated just for that client. Beth and her team of specialists assist family members in making difficult decisions about their loved ones and strive to keep the family stabilized by reducing fears with creative alternatives.

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House Calls Total Wellness is owned and operated by Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP. Beth started House Calls in 2004 when a family member moved to her home requiring a variety of services over time. Beth was motivated to secure and obtain resources for her loved one to ensure an optimal level of care. Beth brings to House Calls over 40 years of experience as a credentialed Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Recreation Therapist with additional skills in Geriatric Care Management.

Beth is the founder of her award-winning company House Calls Total Wellness, which provides an array of specialized services from children to senior citizens. She has received many awards over the years including “Practitioner of the Year” from the Maryland Association of Psychosocial Services, National Society on Experiential Education, Best Buddies, American Association of Therapeutic Recreation and the Montgomery County Police Department. Her many titles have included Director of the ‘Open Door’ program for the Montgomery County Recreation Department, Director of Students and Volunteers for two state-wide organizations and continued as Adjunct Faculty for over fifteen years – receiving an award for Outstanding Service in the Mental Health program at Montgomery College.

Beth, along with her team of specialized professionals, use techniques and strategies to enhance physical, emotional, intellectual and social functioning. The House Calls model is interdisciplinary utilizing one or more team specialist(s) under our House Calls umbrella. We pride ourselves in establishing an alternative approach by meeting clients in the comfort of their home during any acute or chronic life circumstance. Beth’s expertise in teaching Active Listening at the college enables the House Calls team to establish trust and rapport quickly. The family also is offered guidance, coaching, Counseling and any other requested service in order to establish effective family communication .

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