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Dyanne Street


Healthy Air and Surfaces
Bristow, VA 20109

Welcome to a revolutionary application of NASA-based technology to address one of the most devastating global crises in recent memory.

HealthyAirAndSurfaces.com is proud to represent the only patented technology  that offers Radiant Catalitic Ionization (RCI).

This technology is the combination of ion generation and the use of UV light and a honeycomb-like grid of rare earth metals to convert H20 (water) to H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide.)

Our proprietary sanitization process works 24/7/365. There is no need for continuous use of disinfectant spray, disinfecting wipes, and other efforts to minimize prospects of contaminant infection.

We work on two levels. One is in the AIR, the other is on the SURFACE. This is an important distinction because pathogens can live in and on both (e.g., on surfaces for up to 9 days.) 

Whenever someone who is infected with a pathogen goes into any environment, they can spread water droplets from breathing, talking, laughing, coughing, etc.into that environment. 

Those water droplets can land on any surface – it could be on a table top, a desk, or on any item that is nearby. When that happens, that pathogen or virus can live in that environment for up to 9 days. When we touch that surface (depending on the type of surface) then we take on that virus that we have touched. 

When we touch our face, or eyes, or mouth that virus has the opportunity to pass into our body. We can become the host for the pathogen. It can now successfully propogate within our bodies.

Unlike other products that only offer “air purification”  we stand alone in the marketplace with our patented technology that provides both AIR and SURFACE sanitization and purification. 

Our technology is an ActivePure technology that has been shown in FDA approved laboratories to reduce RNA and DNA-based viruses to 99.999% within 30 minutes and we have the documentation to prove it!

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