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Shevy Kanaganayagam, MA, LPC

The Marriage Healing Center was created in February 2017, to provide holistic counseling, coaching and educational services to couples in Northern, VA. After over 12 years of serving couples, Life Enrichment Counseling Center, Inc., determined that there is a need to develop a separate Center focusing exclusively on meeting the needs of couples. There is increasing demand of men and women needing specialized services to heal their broken relationship. Many couples are needing support and guidance from skilled therapists to help them navigate through their difficult experiences. Many couples are struggling with issues such as communication breakdown, infidelity, broken trust, blended family challenges, and sexual intimacy. Many are hoping to save their marriage, but struggle to know how they can heal and forgive so their relationship can survive.

The Marriage Healing Center is also excited about incorporating educational programs that focus on prevention. We believe that it’s important to be intentional to keep your relationship strong, healthy and passionate. We are also here to support couples who are engaged and want to learn how to prepare for marriage.


The Marriage Healing Center Is Here To Help You And Your Relationship Thrive!

The Marriage Healing Center offers couples options for those seeking regularly scheduled sessions. Our clinicians are also highly trained to assist couples needing specialized care and guidance to establish loving, mutually rewarding partnerships. These specialized program are available for couples wanting to highlight certain areas of improved relationship satisfaction.

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“The philosophy that guides my work with clients is a strong core belief in respect for each person’s unique culture and heritage. When I work with clients it is important for me to understand their worldview. There are no cookie cutter therapeutic interventions that work universally on all clients with the exception of the development of strong therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. I believe therapy needs to be meaningful, personal and tailored for each person. I promote clients having an active role in therapy, to include treatment planning and evaluation.

I have extensive experience in working with adults and couples struggling with relationships and communication, anxiety, depression, and porn addiction. I am experienced in working with those dealing with grief and bereavement, anger management, trauma recovery, mood disorders, adjustment to medical conditions, and stress management due to work and parenting.

I have been married for 25 years and have two children in college and one in middle school. I am committed to providing the highest quality of care to promote your healing and growth.”

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